Coach Trip Road to Tenerife

Coach Trip: Road to Tenerife

A few months ago, “Channel 4“, the UK television channel contacted us to make us part of one of the adventures the members of the reality show “Coach Trip: Road to Tenerife” had to overcome.

This television program is quite similar to some other programs in Spain like “Pekin Express”, in which each pair of participants needs to travel the same route. In this case, the participants are traveling from the UK to Tenerife while they must overcome several tests to reach their destination.

Although the participants had already done all kinds of tests, they didn’t climb a natural rock. Because of this we organized a day of climbing in the Sorrueda ravine. We enjoyed a sunny morning accompanied by our partners Miguel Levas and Jorge Ortega, who turned this test into a wonderful day.

After the climbing, we organized another more peaceful activity, a “Personal development Workshop with Horses”.

This activity, guided by Ato Rodríguez, helped us to understand the connection between the members of each couple. When interacting with horses, a non-verbal communication is established which is a defining factor in a relationship.

You can see the full episode through the following link: Road to Tenerife: Gran Canaria Day 2.

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