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Gran Canaria: Top Winter Climbing Destination

Gran Canaria, famous for the sun-sea-beach vacations. But there is more… thanks to the all year round good weather it forms the perfect location for any outdoor sport, especially climbing sports. When you go inland you find lots of beautiful valleys that form the perfect climbing spots, if you are a beginner or experienced climber. There is something for everybody. The canaries have lots to offer. Climbing near the beach or more inland, surrounded by good people and great food are the best combination to create the best holiday.

Worried about the grade? there are plenty of IV, V, 6 and tons of 7 and 8’s. The island has in total over 700 routes separated over 14 locations. The Trad climbing is based around the town of Ayacata in the center of the island where there are multi-pitch routes up to 100m long. There are bouldering opportunities all over the island with well-established areas such as Mogán, El Berriel, and Tunte.

Sorrueda and Fataga are more popular locations if you want a reel rock climbing experience. They have a great range from beginner to expert routes. They are both located in the southern part of the island. You can go climbing by yourself using our guidebook or with a climbing guide. The long walls give you tons of routes to climb and the valleys provide a great climate. 

If you have some climbing experience, via cordata is something for you.  It is multi-pitch rock climbing, but with the help of the iron steps similar to the ones you have on a via ferrata. It creates the feeling of reel rock climbing but it is doable for a larger public. Under supervision, you can experience a unique experience. 

In summary, we can say that Gran Canaria is a perfect climbing destination. It has a lot to offer and is perfect for beginners as experts. If you’re on climbing vacation or just relaxing, but want a taste of the Canarian climbing, don’t hesitate to contact us or any other climbing companies all around the island.