Klettern Gran Canaria

Klettern: Climb Canaria!

This month we are celebrating: the climbing in Gran Canaria is made known through the prestigious climbing magazine, Klettern.

The german magazine highlights in this eighth edition of 2017, the incalculable value of the oreography of this island for the sector of sport climbing and high level bouldering.

Thanks to the continuous collaboration of Jorge Ortega, great climber and principal representative of the sport climbing in Gran Canaria, an article is presented that extends over 6 pages, showing the different climbing sectors and some particularities of each area.

This great article is complemented by impressive images by photographer Rainer Eder, who portrays both Jorge and the world-renowned climber, Daila Ojeda, enjoying the walls of Gran Canaria.

For our part, we have been able to collaborate with the provision of information and with the release of a code for the free download of the Fataga sketches, through the Vertical-Life Climbing App.

It is for this reason that we want to thank the Klettern Magazine and all its collaborators, the great work they have done to make known the “climbing island”, increasingly known as “Climb Canaria”.

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