Outdoor Activities Program

Outdoor Life: Activities Program

Outdoor Activities Program

We are pleased to show you our outdoors activities schedule, a program full of diverse and beautiful experiences .

Don’t hesitate to show your bravest face in Gran Canaria and guess more about any of our activities.

Our program “Outdoor Life 2018” got two kinds of activities:

  • B-Adventurous: Adventure activities. Price: 50€/person
  • Hike&Learn: Thematic hikings with educational workshops. Price: 30€/person

*Discount for groups of 4 people or more: 5€/person

May 5 B-Adventurous: Canyoning

Forest with little waterfalls, jumps from different highs and natural water slides are waiting for you!

Discover this amazing adventure where you will get involved by nature and discover unique spots. Explore unexpected places of the hidden face of the island while going hand in hand with our funniest guides.

May 12 Hike&Learn: Coronadero + Acroyoga

El Arco del Coronadero is one of the most interesting rocky shapes in the island. You will enjoy a hike on a place that will make you feel like on a western movie.

Under the Coronadero, during the sunset we will enjoy a nice and friendly acroyoga session. Learning to work and balance with your body and your partner’s one too. Acroyoga is a mixture between yoga and acrobatics, our guides will show you new ways to stretch your body and relax your mind.

19th May B-Adventurous: Rock climbing

Test yourself and discover the hidden climber you got inside!

If you are a nature and adventure lover, or you just want to try and never had the chance before, join us with this climbing lesson on natural rock .

We have been thinking a few activities to make possible for everyone to try this beautiful sport, doesn’t matter your level, we got all the necessaries to climb a wall like if it were a children game.

Enjoy learning what you need to walk your first steps on climbing world!

May 27 Hike&Learn: 7 Puertas + Shepherd’s leap

This sunday and due to the Canaries day, we have prepared a mixed activity which will connect you with a tradicional jump used by the old canarian shepherds generations, el Salto del Pastor ( shepherds jump). Get ready to enjoy a not quite long hike in which you will see a show of this old technic. Furthermore, we will have the opportunity to try it by ourselves thanks to a workshop made by experienced jumpers.

Jun 3 B-Adventurous: Coastering

If you like adventure and you can’t stay away from water, this can be your activity.

Join us with this vertical challenge in which you will hike close to the cliffs and you will be able to do amazing jumps to the water ,always with the best equipement making it absolutely secure.

Jun 10 Hike&Learn: Doramas+ Canarian whistle

Get into the old known “doramas forest”, whose name is due to one of the most famous aboriginal warriors who used to be at this area before the spanish conquest. You will know about the history of the place and some names and information about at least, 30 kinds of canarian endemism flora and paying attention to some animals like buho chico ( small owl) ” or aguila canaria ( canary eagle).

What a wonderful place to do a canary whistle workshop! Used as way of communication between far away villages, houses or ravines. With this workshop we can help to value this cultural heritage and keep it alive.

Jun 17 B-Adventurous: Kayak +  Zipline

Atlantic Ocean offers treasures along the coast, we got the perfect tool for it enjoyment. A route with kayak over the southwest Gran Canaria´s coast where you will see caves, blowholes and beautiful empty beaches.

This activity includes 3 adventures in 1. We will start kayaking to the east with an amazing views of the coast and doing a break at one of the best beaches of the area.

In the middle of  the way, you will take out your adrenaline enjoying jumping to the water thanks to our zipline.

Furthermore, if you bring your own snorkel glasses you will see the beauties of the canarian sea bottom.

Don’t miss this opportunity and enjoy this summer activity!

23th Jun Hike&Learn: San Juan

We are organising something special to make you enjoy the largest day of the year, follow our web page or social media and we will post the clues to solve the final the mystery!

30th Jun Event: SummerTime

We got something quite special for this weekend. We can’t tell you anything yet but get ready because we can assure you may not want to miss it!

Book your place for your favorite activities!

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