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Top 10 Climbing Films

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We know that you have been at home for weeks, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for you to spend time locked up, for this reason, we have thought that you would like to know which are our favorite climbing and mountaineering movies. We hope you enjoy these wonderful films and get transported to the limit of the vertical.

Top Climbing Films - Down Wall


In the middle of Yosemite National Park is El Capitan, a tall granite boulder whose smoothest section, the Dawn Wall, is considered by experts to be the most difficult climb in the world. Tommy Caldwell saw no impassable area, but a puzzle nearly a mile high. In ’The Dawn Wall’ we follow him and Kevin Jorgeson in their historic route to the top.

Top Climbing Films - Touching the Void


This mountain film is about a true climbing drama on the flanks of the Siula Grande in the Cordillera Huayhuash in the Andes of Peru. Joe breaks his leg during the descent just below the top of this difficult and unknown mountain. His climbing partner Simon Yates initially tries to lower him from the mountain, but in this attempt, Joe plunges into the depths. His is left for dead.

Top Climbing Films - Free Solo



Alex Honnold prepares himself to achieve his lifelong dream: climbing the face of the world’s most famous rock … the 3,000ft El Capitan in Yosemite National Park … without a rope. Celebrated as one of the greatest athletic feats of any kind, Honnold’s climb set the ultimate standard: perfection or death. Succeeding in this challenge, Honnold enters his story in the annals of human achievement.

Top Climbing Films - North Face


Based on a true story, North Face is a survival drama film about a competition to climb the most dangerous rock face in the Alps. Set in 1936, as Nazi propaganda urges the nation’s Alpinists to conquer the unclimbed north face of the Swiss massif – the Eiger – two reluctant German climbers begin their daring ascent.

Top Climbing Films - The Summit


The summit is a 2012 documentary film about the 2008 K2 disaster. It combines documentary footage with dramatized recreations of the events of the K2 disater, during which – on the way to and from the summit – 11 climbers died during a short period what makes it one of the worst catastrophes in climbing history.

Top Climbing Films - Blindsight


Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Himalayas, “Blindsight” follows the gripping adventure of six Tibetan teenagers who set out to climb the 23,000-foot Lhakpa Ri on the north side of Mount Everest. The dangerous journey soon becomes a seemingly impossible challenge–made all the more remarkable by the fact that the teenagers are blind.

Top Climbing Films - Meru


Three elite climbers attempt to conquer Mount Meru Peak. They have to fight not only with the mountains but also with themselves and with obsession and loss. Meru Peak is located in the Himalayas. It is 6660 meters high. The so-called ‘Shark’s Fin’ route is considered one of the most difficult routes in the world. This leads to an altitude of 6,310 meters.

Top Climbing Films - The Edge


In 1953, climbing Everest is the last major challenge on Earth. With a height of 8848 meters, it is the highest mountain in the world and represents a formidable challenge that has already claimed thirteen lives in previous expeditions. Ultimately, the impossible is achieved when Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay are the first men to reach the top.

Top Climbing Films - The Beckoning Silence


After a near-death mountain climbing accident, Joe Simpson’s injuries were so severe he was told he’d never climb again. His recovery left him to confront the question: why, after coming so close to death, did he feel compelled to continue climbing? 

Top Climbing Films - Sherpa


In 2014, director Jennifer Peedom was working on a documentary about the Sherpas of Mount Everest when the biggest avalanche in the mountain’s recent history happened, killing 16 Sherpas. It changed the focus of the documentary, but not so much the approach that reflected the growing unrest of the Sherpa community. Unrest caused by the fatal accidents, which are only increasing now that the number of expeditions has increased in recent years. The documentary shows the split in which the Sherpas and their families find themselves.