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Hike&Learn: Doramas + Whistle

We started Doramas+Whistle route at Firga’s church that in the old times (since 1502 approximately) was just a little hermitage.

After a little introduction about what kind of things we will learn and watch during the hike, we started our Hike&Learn.

Features of this part of the island are the humidity due to the winds exposure and it dense vegetation called “Laurisilva” due to the predominance of the bay trees ( Laurel in spanish).

Long time ago, before the spanish conquest, there were amazing green forest over the north of the island but nowadays the size of those forest is too small in comparison with the past.

Large leaf trees predominates over this area , they are able to filter the humidity from the breeze and turn it into little water droplets which falls to the floor ( called horizontal rain) and keeping the place green and leafy.

We walked just a bit until we were able to enjoy the first beautiful views of the coast and Las Palmas. This route is well known due to the clouds and fog but i have to say that we were so lucky and the day finished sunny and beautiful, perfect for a hike!

Not everything is about vegetation, we discovered an abandoned hotel with it cute little cave restaurant but for security reasons, we didn’t went inside. It’s the kind of place that takes out your inside adventurous and curious child but also, it make us think about how some things are mismanaged.

We ascend to the peak El Rayo where while you walk between the vegetation, you can appreciate the shape of the mountain and the wonderful views it offers. What a cool place to do the whistle workshop!

We didn’t do the whistle exclusively at this moment, the real thing is that we spend the whole morning trying to copy and whistle as good as they do. Probably the people who were hiking around though we were a bit crazy but they always come closer feeling so curious and in the end, they love it.

When we descend the peak, it’s the beautifullest moment, everything is so green and you can really appreciate everything around, in addiction, some plants are as tall as you are, nice place to play hide and seek! On the way there were a pair of walnut trees at a cave house door, nature can be so brilliant.

It’s not a surprise to know how aboriginal warrior Doramas decided to hide at this forest during the spanish conquest. The old inhabitants knew about it island, this saturday we could ( a little bit more) as well and we came back home lovin it a bit more.

We have shared experiences, knowledge and little adventures.

Hope to see you next time!