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What if we cross the island of Gran Canaria on foot? This was what came to mind and now it has become a reality, touring the island along 4 transversal routes, linking the coast, the midlands, and the highest point, the Cumbre de Gran Canaria.

This is how this project begins, with one goal, with a team and with a lot of desire to discover Gran Canaria on foot, get to know its mountains, its coast, its hidden places, its people, its towns, its traditions, and of course, teach it to everyone. world.

This dream and common project, part of a deep desire to explore Gran Canaria with the challenge of doing it, neither more nor less, than on foot, connecting with the only 6 lighthouses on the entire island.

We want to live this adventure, which surely will not be easy, to investigate, explore and deep down, get to know better this nature that surrounds us, with an honest and natural look at the island and its trails.

We invite you to join us in this adventure on this profile on Instagram. Also, we are going to track every point of the way, because we are sure that, sooner or later, you will also want to do this journey on foot through Gran Canaria.


Long-distance Hiking Trails


30 km, 1300 m elevation gain

The first stage of this project wants to highlight one of the greatest treasures that Gran Canaria has, the Laurisilva Forest of the Doramas Reserve.

The route begins in the picturesque coastal town of San Andrés, a place that begins to develop its tourist core around surfing, on a coast full of secrets, natural pools, bufaderos, and people whose life is fully conditioned by the sea.

After taking a morning bath, we start the path through the Azuaje ravine where we will learn some details about the Spa as well as about the endemic flora that we are going to find throughout the journey.

We will continue the road through the Barranco de Las Madres, we will stop at Teresita’s store, a traditional grocery store and we will ascend the last stretch between pine trees, through the Barranco de La Vírgen. Thus we will arrive at Cruz de Tejeda where reference will be made to the Parador, El Refugio, and local products.


40 km, 1700 m elevation gain

The second stage begins at Cruz de Tejeda and proceeds along the Camino de Santiago towards Tunte. In this first section we enjoy the incredible views of the Caldera de Tejeda, and later the Caldera de Tirajana.

From Tunte we go down the Fataga ravine, passing through its town and the incredible oasis that its palm grove forms until we reach the sport climbing sector.

We will continue following the channel of the ravine and we will pass by the Arteara Necropolis, where we will make the last stop before reaching the Las Dunas de Maspalomas natural reserve.

The route ends at the Maspalomas Lighthouse with a delicious swim at sunset.



Almost 30 km and 1949 m of elevation gain

The second route begins at one of the northernmost points of the island, the La Isleta Lighthouse, from where you can enjoy beautiful views of the city of Bahía del Confital.

The itinerary crosses the city along the maritime avenue until we reach its historic center, where we will make a stop before starting the ascent through the Guiniguada Ravine.

Little by little, we will ascend through the Canarian Garden and continue through this lush ravine enjoying the endemic flora until we connect with the Barranco de la Mina, from where we will start the last stretch of ascent through Cueva Grande to reach the pine forest of Los Llanos de Ana López and conclude in the Garañón.

To complete this stage we will ascend to the summit of the island, the Pico de Las Nieves, where the renowned mountaineer and high mountain guide, Javier Cruz, will be waiting for us to guide us on the climb to Morro de la Agujereda, which is the most top of the island.


40 km and 1700 m of elevation gain

Leaving El Garañón, we begin the second stage passing through the Los Hornos Dam and the Roque Nublo towards the Las Niña Dam. Near the dam, we find a cheese factory where you can taste delicious local cheeses. If the weather is good, we will take a refreshing swim in the dam, before continuing to do a bit of Trail Running in the direction of the Tauro mountain. On the way, we will approach the Integral Reserve of Inagua, without ever entering it.

The last stop will be at a farm near the town of Mogán, where we can taste the tropical fruit that is grown there. We will end the tour by walking until we reach the Puerto de Mogán Lighthouse.



35 km and 1690 m of elevation gain

The third route begins at the Faro de Taliarte. From there we will walk towards the beautiful coastal town of Tufia, where we will take a bath and do some snorkeling. We will continue the road towards Cuatro Puertas, a place historically connected with Tufia, which served as an observation point for heaven and earth.

After visiting the site and its innumerable caves, we will continue the path through Cazadores until we reach the pine forest area in the Caldera de Los Marteles, where we can enjoy wonderful views of the east of Gran Canaria.


30 km and 1690 m elevation gain

During the second stage, we will enter the interior of the Caldera de Tejeda, passing through the town where we will be able to delight ourselves with the almond sweets made in a traditional way to get energy and we will continue the path entering the Barranco de La Candelaria. With incredible views of the Roque Bentayga, we will talk about its history and the matriarchy that lived there before the conquest.
We will continue downstream, in search of the sea, along a path from which we can see the Vega de Acusa, La Aldea, and even Tenerife.

At the height of the Barranco de Pino Gordo, Pablo Rada, guide of the Climbo company, will be waiting for us to carry out a canyoning activity in this same ravine. The activity is full of emotion in which we are going to have a great time.


10 km and 707 m elevation gain

Once this is done we will continue our way to La Aldea, from where we will start the last section of the route that will take us to the paradisiacal beach of Guguy.


Long-distance Hiking Trails


40 km, 1900 m of elevation gain

The last route begins at the lighthouse in the coastal town of Arinaga. After taking a refreshing morning swim, we started the path towards Pozo Izquierdo to observe high-level athletes practicing Kitesurfing, helped by the constant force of the wind that does not stop blowing.

Once we have seen this, we will enter the Barranco de Tirajana that stands out for its reddish stone. In the middle of the ravine, we will make a stop at La Fortaleza, one of the last strongholds of the Canarian aborigines. We will visit the interpretation center and continue through the ravine, passing through the different climbing sectors, until we reach the Ingenio de Santa Lucía, a town of great beauty that stands out for being in an authentic oasis among palm trees.

We will do the last part of the trail at sunset through the Camino de La Plata, trying to reach the Ventana del Nublo before dark.

From here we will walk the last sections to stay to sleep on the Andén del Toro.


40 km, 1900 m of elevation gain

The penultimate stage of this project descends from the summit to the paradisiacal Guguy beach. Starting from the Andén del Toro, we will walk to the town of Artenara and continue entering the Tamadaba Natural Park. Walking through pine trees we will take the path of San Pedro and we will talk about the tradition of the Branch. We will continue going down and we will pass by the Lugarejos dams, which are currently full of water until we reach the Agaete Valley, where we will visit the Los Berrazales Winery. There we can taste products that have been grown and made on the farm itself.

To finish this stage we will arrive at Puerto de Las Nieves.


The last stage of our route will be much shorter than the previous ones, as we will walk from Agaete to the Sardina del Norte Lighthouse.

On the way, we will visit the Agaete salt flats, as well as make a stop at Playa del Juncal.

Climbo Guide: Lucas
The man and the dog

Do you know Lucas Myon?

Hello! I am Lucas Myon and I am always accompanied by my dog ​​Gofio. I am half French, half Canarian since I was born in 1993 in Nice (France), but I have been in Gran Canaria since I was 3 years old, every day more in love with this place.

I have a degree in Economics from the University of Las Palmas de G.C. Also, I have a pre-doctoral Master’s Degree in Economic Research from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a Master’s Degree in International Banking and Finance that I did in Hong Kong.

Currently, I work with Climbo as a guide for the tours we do in Gran Canaria and I am preparing the Tourist Guide training.

You may wonder why I am telling you all this, but it has a reason, I want to explain to you why this project of the crossing on foot in Gran Canaria is so personal and means so much to me. Despite having studies and

The reason for this project has a personal origin, it is a change in life perspective since after years immersed in an economic and business sector, I decided to take a 180º turn and turn my love for nature into my way of life. In my appreciation and admiration for the spectacular nature that Gran Canaria has and the desire to show the world the hidden treasures of this island, the idea arose of making a journey on foot, from end to end of Gran Canaria, through 4 routes transversal and connect with the different geographical areas: the coast, the medianía, and La Cumbre de Gran Canaria, passing through the only 6 lighthouses in Gran Canaria.

Dreams sometimes come true

During this super adventure on foot in Gran Canaria, my dog ​​Gofio will accompany me, he is 10 months old and is the best companion you can have, he is quiet, has a lot of energy, and is always ready to explore the most remote corners.

Besides, translating this dream into reality has been possible thanks to the collaboration of CLIMBO, which has the same spirit of exploring the island and being able to show it to everyone.


Climbo Staff

And we are Climbo

Hello! We are CLIMBO and we are an adventure sports and activities company. Maybe you already know us, but we are passionate about climbing, the Via Ferrata, canyoning, and everything that has to do with adrenaline sports, fun, and of course, adventure. Also, we are lucky to be in Gran Canaria, a unique island with incredible nature to climb and to practice multiple adventure sports. Gran Canaria is not only beach and sun, but it also has fantastic magical places to discover, therefore, but our goal is also to help you get to know the island with our tours and activities.

Of course, we are going to accompany Lucas Myon and his dog, Gofio, throughout the tour, because the teams go to the end of the world.



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