Despite the hard work we have put into this guide, we want to point out a number of errata, changes or updates in the content of the guide. It covers a great deal of technical information that is constantly changing, evolving in different ways. Because of this, we have decided to open up this section on our web, where you will find the different updates and errors we have detected in the content of the guide.

We would also like to invite you to take an active part in this guidebook. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please send any information you think should be pointed out or added to our email: and we will be happy to include your name in the acknowledgements of our next edition.

We would like to start out this section with a typo that has given us more than a headache and that many of you must have already noticed:

Errata in the legend:

Guidebook update legend
Guidebook update Legend


Attention to Fataga’s Access

The access from the dam to the Fataga climbing area is sealed.

We recommend to access by the riverbed. You must take the departure to the Ayagaures dam and continue on the dirt road to the tunnel. Park in the area and continue walking through the tunnel to the climbing sector.

Fataga Access

Warning about route Play Station

The Play Station route, located in the To’patrás sector of Fataga, contains some loose or poorly shaped rocks. Please be very cautious if you are going to climb it, as well as remember the importance of using helmet for both, the climber and the insurer.

Play Station

Warning about route Zagarit

Route Zagarit, number 15 in the Palmera de Fataga sector, is in an extremely dangerous condition due to a large rock that seems about to fall.
Do not climb this route until it is secured.

Zagarit route Fataga


New PRUG link

We have just verified the link found in the Guide referring to the Master Plan for Use and Management of the Tamadaba Natural Park, it is failing.

We just uploaded the document again. You can find it in the following link: Master Plan for Use and Management (PRUG).

Guidebook Update Tamadaba

Attention – Page 184

All geolocations have been checked, and we have found an error in the Alas en tus Pies sector.

The correct coordinates are: 28.06076 N, -15.69412 O.

Guidebook update

New Route

Encontramos una nueva vía en el sector Camino de Tamadaba. Es una vía de grado 6a+ llamada «Camino al Mirador«.
Si ya la has probado, ¡danos tu opinión!

Camino al Mirador


Attention Page 288

Please note the misplacement of a graphic element in the diagram indicating the approach to Sorrueda. Although this is a harmless mistake, we want to point it out.

Guidebook Update Sorrueda


Routes have been reequipped by Nudo Ocho y Mosquetón

As many of you know, installations at the Quintanilla sector were worn down due to usage and their seaside location.

The team Nudo Ocho y Mosquetón headed by Diego Leandro Castaño and Robert Field have been working on Quintanillathanks to the funding campaign they started, in collaboration with Lima Sportto reequip old routes and equip new ones in the sector.

The team contacted the landowners and agreed with them the climbing terms and conditions. The owners grant permission to climb but are exempt from all legal responsibilities related to climbing.

Thanks to this agreement, Nudo Ocho y Mosquetón have decided to change the name of the sector to Fermín Guerra, the deceased father of the current owners.

More and more collaborators are pitching in to raise the necessary funding. Soon the crag will be completed, available and perfectly ready. There are already more than 7 reequipped routes and more than 5 new routes. Here are the new topos.

If you wish to collaborate, please contact Lima Sport or Nudo Ocho y Mosqueton.

Quintanilla Update

Closed route

Closed the Alba Indira route. The author of the route Alba Indira, has informed us that said route is closed until further notice.

Alba Indira closed

Attention- Page 358

We have found an error in the GPS coordinate. This error is also present in Google Map’s digital geolocation.

Guidebook Review