Hiking – Private Activity

Gran Canaria is a unique destination for hiking, because man does not live only on the beach. On this island you will find a multitude of hiking itineraries for any level. In the Canarian nature you will enjoy the innumerable ravines, spectacular volcanic reliefs and its diverse micro-climates. Any time of the year is excellent for walking on spectacular trails in Gran Canaria.

Get to know the interior of the island of Gran Canaria, you will be surprised!

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Do you want to know the heart of Gran Canaria? If you like hiking or it’s your first time, don’t worry, because there are plenty of itineraries to discover the volcanic landscape, the Laurisilva forests, the autochthonous flora and fauna and the varied orography of the island.

The hiking activity lasts 4 hours and the itinerary is always agreed with the client, to adapt the route to the level required and the expectations of each person. The excursion includes a route insurance, a picnic to catch your strength and photos to remind you of this moment.

Hiking can be done privately or in a group, but you will always be accompanied by a highly qualified, English and Spanish speaking mountain guide who will show you the hidden face of the island.

All hiking activities are carried out periodically, you can check availability in the calendar and indicate if you want to go in group, family or privately.

Get to know the magical trails of Gran Canaria and you will be surprised by the nature of the Canary Islands.


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[icon icon=”icon-map” size=”14px”]CHARACTERISTICS

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-calendar2″ size=”14px”]Days: Check our booking calendar

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-location” size=”14px”]Starting Point: Parking Yumbo Center “Av. de Espana”

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-alarm” size=”14px”]Starting Time: 08:45 am

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-location2″ size=”14px”]Location: Depending of the route

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-stats-up” size=”14px”]Difficulty: Low difficulty – level 1 – Beginners

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-volume-high” size=”14px”]Languages: Spanish and English

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-busy” size=”14px”]Duration on the route: 4 h

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-busy” size=”14px”]Duration on the excursion: 5 h

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-arrow-right3″ size=”14px”]Distance: 5-8 Km

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-users2″ size=”14px”]Min. number of people: 2

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-users3″ size=”14px”]Max. number of people: 20


[icon icon=”icon-box-add” size=”14px”]INCLUDES

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-user2″ size=”14px”] Expert Guide specialized in hiking

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-aid” size=”14px”] Route insurance

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-camera2″ size=”14px”] Souvenirs Photo (Facebook / Instagram)

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[icon icon=”icon-clipboard3″ size=”14px”]REQUERIMENT

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-man” size=”14px”] Children must be at least 7 years old. Minors must come accompanied and with a written authorization

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-aid” size=”14px”] Climbers must be in acceptable physical condition and with the right attitude towards participating in the activity. No recent injuries

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-glass2″ size=”14px”] Not under the influence of alcohol, medicines or drugs

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-steps” size=”14px”]Closed shoes, preferably mountain boots

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-tshirt” size=”14px”] Comfortable sport clothing

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-briefcase” size=”14px”]Small backpack

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-cool2″ size=”14px”]Sunscreen

[icon color=”#f75e38″ icon=”icon-bottle” size=”14px”] 1, 5L water




Terrific expirience. Best quality, service and value
Terrific expirience. Best quality, service and value
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Thanks a lot Climbo. I got just what I was looking for. A personalized outdoor activities with outstanding professionals. Climbing, canyoning and kayak in the ocean's shore among other things. The best in quality, service and value.
Amazing Outdoor Trip in Gran Canaria
Amazing Outdoor Trip in Gran Canaria
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My boyfriend and me have enjoyed one of the best outdoor-action holidays we could dream. We are climbers, but in Gran Canaria, we did hiking, canyoning, coasteering, scrambling and via ferrata. We think about repeat the trip in the next winter! Congratulations Climbo Team!
Great hike in the interior of the island with professional guides!
Great hike in the interior of the island with professional guides!
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We did a 3-hour hike in the interior of the island with Rafa, Carlos and Guillermo. The tour was varied, there were great views and the guides were great. Carlos has provided us with interesting information in German and the other two have taken great care of us. We were a pretty big group with different levels of fitness and everyone could enjoy the hike at his pace. Highly Recommended!



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