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Climbo Team

Our Story

One day we realized that in the wonderful place of which we are and where we have grown up, the island of Gran Canaria, we had a wonderful and unique nature in terms of mountainous and volcanic landscapes that many people did not know. The Canary Islands have always stood out for their different environments, for their excellent climate, for their sea, for their flora, but in which the concept of sea and beach has always predominated. Thanks to our fondness for climbing we realized the lack of information and knowledge that was regarding the routes of the most natural side of Gran Canaria and this was the moment when we started to order our ideas and started dreaming.

Gran Canaria’s Sports Climbing Guidebook

To create the sport climbing guidebook, the first thing we did was to explore all the routes of Gran Canaria, know all the corners and develop a clear and accessible method for all levels of climbing, providing complete information on the island.
Thanks to direct contact with experienced trainers and climbers, we collect exclusive technical information to safely enter the various ravines of Gran Canaria.
Check out the guide: link

And so Climbo was born: Adventure Activities

After the edition of the guidebook of sport climbing and traveling in several countries experiencing and knowing different types of tourism, we created Climbo, a company based on active and sustainable tourism, specialized in adventure activities.

Our goal is to offer tourists an alternative based on sustainability, minimum environmental impact, local culture and respect for nature with a complete and professional offer of adventure and sports activities in the best natural spots on Gran Canaria.

You can enjoy any activity individually or in a group, for adults or families, always taking into account your level and skills.

What activities do we offer?

  • Hiking
  • Canyoning
  • Climbing for beginners and advanced level
  • Via ferrata

Complimentary activities:

  • Bike
  • Kayak
  • Jumping
  • Workshops for introduction to the natural environment
  • Canarian culture