Welcome to Gran Canaria! Are you ready to discover this magic volcanic Island full of life? Join our adventure tours that take place in the most awesome spots of Gran Canaria, time to feel the volcanic energy and enjoy nature.



Enjoy a unique excursion in Gran Canaria, discovering La Cumbre, the highest point of the island, the impressive Laurisilva forest of the Barranco de Azuaje and Agaete, with its beautiful valley and its coastal village to enjoy a spectacular sunset in the north of the island.

We propose a day full of surprises, designed so that you can spend an unforgettable day while you get to know the island, together with our friendly and passionate guide Lucas.

During The Rainforests route, we will discover the different microclimates of Gran Canaria. The journey begins with the fresh air of the Canarian pines at the top of the island, Pico de las Nieves. We will visit different points of La Cumbre de Gran Canaria, through several itineraries and impressive natural monument as Roque Nublo, La Cruz de Tejeda, Artenara and some other secret spot, all made to fall in love with the island.

With the 5 senses already active after visiting La Cumbre, we began the physical activity of the day towards Baranco de Azuaje. This itinerary begins in the North of Gran Canaria, in the spectacular Barranco de Azuaje, where we will hike for approximately 3 hours in a unique place, knowing the Forest of Laurisilva, an incredible walk among the Canarian flora and waterfalls.

The endpoint of this excursion through the greenest part of the island, ends in the coastal village of Agaete, to delight ourselves with a bath in the waters of the north coast. The fishing village of Agaete is of singular beauty, with a coastline full of marine fauna, natural pools, and fresh and traditional Canarian food. Without a doubt, Agaete is the ideal place to relax and say goodbye enjoying the magical sunset and its beautiful colors.



With The Red Canyon route, we will discover other fantastic landscapes of Gran Canaria, an authentic opportunity to enjoy the East Coast and finish with a view to the West, where the sun will synchronize our awakening process. The journey will lead us to La Fortaleza de Gran Gran Canaria and to the center of the island in order to enjoy the panoramic views.

The trip begins in Tufia to observe the unique cave houses that are characteristic of this magical place, its small fishing boats, a unique point of the island where the white of the houses mixes with the blue of the ocean. A place where we will snorkel and swim in the hidden natural pools, where we can talk with some residents to learn about local life.

Visiting La Fortaleza is about to know authentic aboriginal ruins, an incredible archaeological site of Gran Canaria. Located in the municipality of Santa Lucía de Tirajana, we will find a beautiful landscape of stones and mountains with unique colors and surprising nature, where the hike will be full of surprises, a flight to the past that will awaken our senses, arriving from La Fortaleza to the Barranco de Sorrueda to the picturesque town of Santa Lucía.

Finally, we will end the excursion with the jewel in the crown, La Cumbre de Gran Canaria, in Tejeda. A walk among endemic species, an opportunity to breathe with the magical lights of the sunset. Who had spent a lot of time in La Cumbre of the island, can ensure that there are no two equal sunsets up there, so we hope you can enjoy this unique event with us, observing the Roque Nublo, continuing with the Roque Bentayga and if the weather and clouds allow it, seeing the highest peak of Spain, El Teide, the neighboring island of Tenerife.



Welcome to the Atlantic Ocean, a journey through the four cardinal points to understand the development of life around the sea and observe the force of nature on the magical island of Gran Canaria.

This is a route designed to be personalized according to the interests of the group, since we can either observe the force of the waves, appreciate the sweetness of the coastal gastronomy, snorkel, visit archaeological sites, discover villages or rest in the best secrets spots.

This itinerary is a journey with four decision points, one at each cardinal point, the options always being varied according to the tides, the weather and personal desires.

In the North of Gran Canaria, where the ocean is pure and clean, where the beauty is purely impressive, we will have the opportunity to know the Agaete Valley, as well as its natural pools, its beautiful coastal village and its strong waves, those are some of the attractions available in this first stage.

Later, in the east of the island, we will discover a coast full of sand deposited by the warm winds from Africa, where life develops more comfortably. A great place to snorkel, try the local cuisine and take a good swim.

In the middle of the day, we will arrive to the South of Gran Canaria, where the economic development of the island has taken over the natural landscape, where the sun is constant, our challenge is to find and enjoy some of its still-kept secrets.

Finally, we will reach the West, where the sun sets, where nature is hit by strong waves and great Atlantic winds, a choppy landscape that does not give rise to urban development, where enormous secrets await this hidden walk.

Without a doubt, it will be spectacular to enjoy this circular route through time and life, a unique activity to discover the lowest point of the island.


  • This tour lasts from 8-10 hours.
  • An extra fee of 20€ will be applied, paid in cash to the guide on the day of the activity.
  • 4 people required to confirm the reservation


Climbo Guide Lucas Myon

Hello! My name is Lucas, and I will be your guide and partner on this wonderful journey exploring the most beautiful spots of Gran Canaria.
Of origin, half Canarian, half French, I grew up with my family on this paradisiacal island until it was time to start my journey and go out to explore other places and cultures.
I was trained as a Graduated in Economics between Barcelona and Hong Kong, which allowed me to work in various parts of the world such as London and Paris.

After several years of developing professionally around the world, I decided that I needed to get out of the office to change the course of my life. A change that allowed me to connect with the essence of life, develop my spirit of improvement, and focus on my personal growth. For this reason, I decided to go on a trip to various countries exploring their peoples and cultures.

After some time traveling through Europe and Latin America, it was time to return to the Canary Islands to reconnect with my family, roots, and this impressive miniature continent.

Currently, I reside in the great adventure park that is Gran Canaria, together with my faithful canine companion “Gofio”🐶, and my only mission is to better know this little corner of the world so that I can share with you the best-kept secrets of the island, its corners, its mountains, its coasts, and its people.

I live at the top of the island, inside a cave🏕, on the summit of Gran Canaria. That is where I have found my place in the world, where nature takes my breath away. A bubble outside of civilization from which I only come out to show you my favorite corners.🏔🏝

Go ahead and join me in exploring this spectacular island, its beautiful trails, and landscapes, and highlighting the countless wonders with which we are surprised every day.
Climbo excursions in Gran Canaria are always a unique opportunity to learn and share experiences that you will never forget.

For me, each outing is a gift, since I share, with whoever accompanies me, the most valuable thing I have in life, my time.
I hope you enjoy this experience as much as I do😍