Regarding the Company:

  • Official Active Tourism Company
  • ID: TA-1-0005759
  • VAT Number: ES45765759Z
  • Civil Liability and Activities Insurance updated

Regarding Activities:

  • Please bear in mind that any sports activity taking place in a natural environment carries inherent risks. You should be aware of and accept these risks, and be responsible for your own actions and behavior. Carrying out these activities with a Professional Guide implies a “controlled risk” (there are no zero risks in these kinds of activities).
  • Carrying out these activities depends on the conditions of the weather and the terrain, as well as on the participants. Any major change in any of the conditioning factors of the activity may imply a MODIFICATION or CANCELLATION of the activity, at the discretion of the guide.

Regarding the Guide:

  • The Guide is the SOLE and ONLY person in charge of the group while the activity is taking place. He will be the one to take all the decisions. Participants are to follow the orders and decisions of the Guide.

Regarding Safety Measures:

  • Participants are to comply with the following safety measures during the activity:
    • Follow all the instructions given by the Guide.
    • Stay at all time within the group (no straying from the group)
    • Not perform any action that has not been previously overseen by the Guide.
    • Inform the Guide of any problem or personal difficulty that may arise whilst the activity is taking place.

Regarding Hygiene Measures and COVID-19

The client:

  • Avoid carrying out activities for those people affected by COVID-19 or who have had contact with affected people who suffer any of its symptoms (headache, dry cough, high fever, sore throat, vomiting) during the 14 days before the activity.Refrain from going to the activity if you had any of the symptoms 14 days before the activity.
  • Avoid attending the activity of people in risk groups: Pregnant people, with cardiovascular problems, diabetes, or serious conditions.
  • If possible, make your reservation and payment online.
  • Maintain the safety distance between the participants of 4-5 meters, being the minimum of 2 meters, whenever this is possible.
  • In situations where the distance cannot be maintained, the use of a mask is highly recommended.
  • Before touching equipment and material we wash our hands with hydro alcohol or similar gel.
  • During the activity avoid touching your face, take only the belay material with your hands, and it is recommended after each change of position in the activity to clean your hands with hydroalcoholic gel. If the hands are “visibly dirty”, the gel loses effectiveness, so it is recommended to previously wash your hands.
  • Do not mix your material with that of other participants, you will put it in a closed plastic bag or your backpack without opening it until you get home.
  • Do not share water or food.
  • We will avoid loans with other participants.
  • After collecting the material, clean your hands with disinfectant.
  • It is recommended not to sit on the benches that exist and consult information panels, interpretive tables, etc. at a distance.
  • It is recommended not to take group photos.


  • Areas are chosen to do the little crowded activities.
  • When traveling by car, a mask and disposable gloves are used.
  • Disposable masks and gloves will be provided to customers, as well as hydroalcoholic gel regularly.
  • The temperature of the clients will be taken before starting the activity.
  • A mask will be used whenever the safety distance (2 m) cannot be kept.
  • Whenever possible, the group is segmented into small units for better control and a greater possibility of a safe distance when walking, but always, prioritizing group safety.
  • We stay in open places where the approaches to the areas where we are going to do the activities begin.
  • The van is cleaned daily with Sanytol disinfectant and with hydro alcohol.
  • Equipment and materials are disinfected according to manufacturers’ instructions, or quarantined in an aerated place 72 hours before the activity.
  • The garments and wetsuits used in the activities are washed with liquid detergent in long programs and hot water at the highest temperature recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The auxiliary material (canes, backpacks, etc.), is passed a damp cloth with a dilution of household bleach, upon arrival at the end of each activity.
  • In the event of an accident, the recommendations for first aid and the use of specific anti-COVID-19 PPE that we must carry in our kit will be followed.

Regarding Environmental Conservation Measures:

  • The following measures are aimed at producing as little impact as possible while passing through the very delicate environment in which our activities take place, and in which we are strangers. Our ability to keep enjoying this environment depends on them.
  • Always observe the specific rules that may exist in a particular area (Natural or National Parks)
  • Do not leave the existing walking paths (do not take shortcuts).
  • Do not catch, touch or disturb any kind of wildlife.
  • Do not pick or disturb any plant from the environment in which we find ourselves.
  • Avoid noise pollution (screaming, loud voices…).
  • Do not leave any kind of rubbish or waste (organic or inorganic).

Regarding Equipment:

  • The essential technical and safety equipment is included in the price. It is as follows, classified by activity:
    • Canyoning: Wetsuit, canyoning shoes, harness, double fastening cable, descender, helmet, and watertight bags.
    • Climbing: harness, helmet and belay device/descender.
    • Hiking and Trekking: pole.
    • Via ferratas: harness, shock-absorbing lanyard, and helmet.
    • Mountain Bike: helmet
  • All the technical gear used in the activities is compliant with the applicable European regulations.
  • Any personal gear and equipment brought by the participants will be checked before the activity by the technical person in charge and must be approved and in good condition.
  • We have Walkie Talkies for better communication on the ground.
  • We have a GoPro 8 Black action camera to film the activities.

Regarding Insurances:

  • The activity contract that you sign includes civil liability insurance, and assistance and accident insurance.
  • The insurance policies will only be valid from the beginning of the activity (they are not applicable to any eventuality that may arise during the transfer to or from the point at which the activity begins).

Regarding Rates:

They include:

  • Services of a Certified Guide.
  • Technical and safety gear appropriate for the activity.
  • Photos and videos of the activity.
  • Civil liability insurance.
  • Assistance and accident insurance.
  • VAT


  • Come with friends who don’t want to enjoy the activity, paying € 25 for each additional passenger. Transportation, Isotonic drink and snack is included.

Regarding Bookings and Payment:

  • Bookings and reservations: You have to do it through our booking engine, paying using your credit card on PayPal. Exceptionally you could do a 25% deposit to confirm the booking. Payment shall be made into the following bank account IBAN: ES78 1491 0001 2021 4680 0228, BIC/SWIFT: TRIOESMMXXX. You may indicate the “subject”, name, activity and activity date. The payment slip should be presented when paying the remainder of the activity.
  • If you had only paid the deposit amount, you must pay the rest of the payment in cash, prior to starting the activity.

Regarding Cancellations:

Full paid
  • A cancellation fee of 100% is charged if canceled 1 day or less before the event
  • A cancellation fee of 50% is charged if canceled 3 days or less before the event
  • A cancellation fee of 30% is charged if canceled 7 days or less before the event
Deposit amount
  • If we receive a notification of your cancellation 30 days or more before the event, you can use this deposit to re-book other activities for the next 6 months, starting on the day of cancellation.
  • If we receive the notification of your cancellation 3 days or more before the event, you will be able to use this deposit to re-book the same activity during the following 30 days.

Regarding the pick-up service:

We have a transport service included in all our scheduled activities, with departures from Las Palmas and Maspalomas.

Prior consultation is required for private or on-demand activities.

Meeting Points for pick-up and drop-off service


  • 08:00 h Climbo (office), Tomás Morales 68, 35003 Las Palmas
  • 08:45 h Estación Faro de Maspalomas (Anden 1) 35100, San Bartolomé de Tirajana
  • 08:55 h Aparcamientos / Parkplatz Yumbo Center “Av. de Espana” , Av. de España, 20, 35100 San Bartolomé de Tirajana 
  • 15:30 h Aparcamientos / Parkplatz Yumbo Center “Av. de Espana” , Av. de España, 20, 35100 San Bartolomé de Tirajana
  • 16:15 h Climbo (office), Tomás Morales, 68, 35003 Las Palmas


  • 08:45 h Climbo (office), Tomás Morales 68, 35003 Las Palmas
  • 09:15 h Poema del Mar Aquarium entrance. Muelle del Sanapú, 35008 Las Palmas
  • 16:15 h Climbo (office), Tomás Morales, 68, 35003 Las Palmas

ATTENTION: You must be at the meeting point 15 minutes before the time of departure. If you do not arrive on time, you may lose your place for the activity.

Regarding Pictures and Videos:

  • Customers can request photos and videos of the activity by email, and our team will send them as soon as possible.
  • The company may use for advertising purposes (brochures, web, social media channels…), any images and videos generated during the activity and in which customers appear and they authorize the company to use it.
  • Customers can refuse to be filmed by not signing the “Pictures” column in the Customer Form, at the beginning of the activity.

Regarding Complaints:

  • In the unlikely event that you are not entirely satisfied with our service or you have a suggestion for improvement, there are complaint forms available at the disposal of the clients.